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With CrP, when Beta P – your “fat burning hormone” – delivers food to your muscles and cells, they open up and accept it.

When that happens, your body turns food into energy… rather than storing it as fat.

And your Beta P “fat burning hormone” is flipped back on.

That means your body NATURALLY starts burning away your fat – from the inside.

Easily burning pure fat from all your trouble areas…

And revealing the slim, lean body you’ve always dreamed of.

In another study combining CrP with another nutrient, that’s exactly what happened

See, CrP improved fasting blood glucose ... A1c levels improved... and triglycerides improved as well.

Can you imagine not only losing pounds of pure fat, but actually getting so much healthier in the process?

And what if you could enjoy a big, delicious meal, eating whatever you want?  Then stop eating when you’re full – and actually burn fat the entire time?

So we included a second ingredient to “shut down” your hunger… and feel completely FULL and SATISFIED with your delicious meal…

It’s a special extract from a rare plant called oryza sativa, also known as African Rice.

Even better?

African Rice extract starts working in 45 minutes…

And was shown to help you lose weight in just 4 weeks!

When you COMBINE African Rice extract – to shut down your hunger...

With CrP – to activate your “fat burning hormone” and burn pure fat…

You finally have everything you need to effortlessly get the lean, healthy body you’ve always wanted.

That’s why we included BOTH weight-loss breakthrough ingredients – in the correct, clinically studied-doses – in AccelaTrim.

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“I love AccelaTrim! It’s fast and efficient. Well I first noticed AccelaTrim was working when my pants kept falling down and I believe it was about 2 weeks after I started taking it. I thought I was losing just water but I wasn't. I believe a pill form is better than liquid drink like slimmest that I used a few years back. Well my friends ask if I was losing weight, and my wife could see a different also. It seems I have more energy, and even when I go to sleep late I'm up at 7:00am, but I still have enough spunk to keep me going. Great product!”

-Kent B., Tempe, AZ*

*Individual results may vary.