Customer Reviews

“I’ve been taking AdiThin X3 for a month and a half and my clothes are getting really loose on me!”

- Martha H.

“I’ve lost 9 lbs in 8 weeks!”

- Connie D.

“My jeans are looser- I’ve gone down two holes on my belt . I even have more energy to go to the gym regularly!”

- Charles N.

“My overall body size is noticeably slimmer.”

- Deanna S.

“I’ve lost 6 pounds in 7 weeks ! I’ve also noticed I’m not as hungry as before.”

- Melissa B.

“In just 6 weeks, I’ve lost an inch of belly fat . I also feel full more quickly. So encouraged by the results so far!”

- Bob G.

“I’m down 3 lbs in 5 weeks ! My cravings have decreased and I am much less hungry.”

- Matthew T.

“After three months of taking AdiThin, my stomach shrinkage is very noticeable! My old pants are now falling off!”

- Jimmy C, Galena, IL

“I just finished my first bottle of AdiThin and have already lost around 10-15 lbs! I find it a bit easier to not eat between meals. Not having the urge to snack has helped with the weight loss.”

- Julie B., Portland, ME

“I’ve been taking AdiThin for a month and I’ve lost 8lbs already! My belly is down about 2 inches.”

-Rick S., Hockessin, DE

“I’ve been taking AdiThin for about a month. I'm not as hungry throughout the day!”

-Brenda H., Virginia Beach, VA

“Gosh, AdiThin has helped me lose 28 lbs! Since I started taking it about three months ago, my cravings have been less throughout the day. I was wearing a size 18-20 but now I wear a size 14! I am so happy and want to lose about 15 more lbs. Bring it on! I really like it. Thanks for the research.”

-Tara H., Media, PA

“After taking AdiThin for 30 days I’ve lost 5 pounds! It definitely cuts down my cravings to eat !!”

-Bob G., Chantilly, VA