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Alpha ZTA™

Introducing Gold Leaf Nutritionals’ breakthrough solution for men: Alpha ZTA. This proprietary formula can help restore nearly a decade of lost testosterone, so you can perform like a younger you.

The main ingredient in Alpha ZTA is an amazing sexual health breakthrough that’s protected by both a U.S. patent and a worldwide patent...

And the studies confirm that in just a few short weeks, it can help...

  • Boost free testosterone levels. You’ll feel a SURGE of macho energy coursing through your body... like you did back in your prime!
  • Wipe out fatigue and tension by reducing cortisol, the stress hormone. You’ll feel like a new man... And you’ll perform like a younger man in the bedroom again!
  • Improve your endurance and stamina... regardless of your age. Your newfound energy will surprise and delight your lady... just like the good old days!
  • And much more!

Alpha ZTA also reactivates the enzymes that allow blood to flow into the chambers of your penis for hard-as-a-rock erections! So you can…

RESTORE your self-respect…

RECLAIM your self-confidence…

Get back your macho spunk and swagger... and...

Resurrect Your Sex Drive!

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What are the quality standards Gold Leaf Nutritionals uses for their formulas, including Alpha ZTA?

The facility we’ve partnered with has been inspected and registered as a GMP-compliant facility by the NSF International an industry organization that has even stricter standards than the FDA.

Batches are tested to ensure the proper amount of ingredients are contained within, and possible contaminants are below acceptable levels. Each time these tests are done, they are documented on a Certificate of Analysis which we review before allowing any product to be shipped to you.

Not satisfied with these certifications on their own, our Quality Assurance manager personally visited the facility, just to make sure they are everything they claim to be when it came to safety and quality.

She observed how the facility handles product and all workers protect themselves with lab coats and gloves. All incoming product is held in a separate, secure area to undergo inspection and quality approval before being released.

Our Quality Assurance manager performed an audit of their facilities, which even included the grounds surrounding the building, to make sure it was clean, and appeared pest free, and didn’t include any nearby industrial activity which could influence the laboratory’s products.

She’s part of our legal compliance team, and we’ve joked she could be a lab’s “worst nightmare” because of her stringent standards and attention to detail. In her formal audit report, our Quality Assurance manager was impressed with our lab and concluded they took product safety very seriously.

Everything got the green light.

Is there any soy or gluten in Alpha ZTA??

Each batch of Alpha ZTA is tested to make sure it gluten-free according to FDA regulations. Alpha ZTA does not contain soy, though it is processed in a facility that may process soy.

Is Alpha ZTA non-GMO?

Alpha ZTA is made with non-GMO ingredients.

Is Alpha ZTA made in the USA?

Yes, Alpha ZTA is made in the USA from quality ingredients sourced around the world.

What are the age limits for effective usage of the product?

There aren’t any age limits. But we don’t recommend any product for use by children unless directed by a doctor.

How should I use this product? How many capsules a day?

Simply take two capsules once a day with water. It’s that simple.

If I have questions or am unsure about anything about Alpha ZTA, can I speak to someone on the phone?

Absolutely. Immediately after joining, we will give you a special customer service number that you can call with any questions you might have. You’ll also get a special email address for the same purpose. But please note, we can’t give any personalized medical advice.

Will anything else be billed to me, after I order?

Whichever package you choose, we will ship you a fresh supply of Alpha ZTA just before you run out of your current supply. This means your card will be automatically charged five days before your current supply runs out. This way, you will never go a day without Alpha ZTA working its magic. In addition, you’ll receive FREE shipping on every future shipment.

I have a question about the ingredients…

If you have any questions about the ingredients, please look over our website which contains a wealth of information about why we chose them. If you still have questions, please contact your doctor. Our customer service is not able to provide specific advice on health

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes! We’re so confident this formula is going to help boost your testosterone levels and improve your sex life, we want you to try Alpha ZTA with ZERO risk.

Here’s how it works:

Fill out your shipping information for Alpha ZTA on this page. Then, when your supply arrives in a week or so, open it immediately. Follow the instructions and start taking Alpha ZTA daily.

If for any reason, you aren’t 100% satisfied, simply give us a call and we’ll give you back every penny, no questions asked.

Your guarantee NEVER expires. You can request a refund any time in the future – it could be six months from now… a year… or even two! Whenever it is, you can always get a full refund of your last order.

This way, there’s no pressure… and no risk… when you try Alpha ZTA today.

Is your ordering process safe and secure?

It is fast, safe and 100% secure. We are using the latest complex encryption technology available to protect your data though the entire ordering process. It’s the same type of encryption technology used by giant online retailers such as Amazon.com and also utilized with most banks’ online banking technology.

"After about two days there is great improvement in my libido. WOW!!!!!”

*Results may vary, Alpha ZTA is designed to support a healthy sex life.

- Thomas B.

"I feel stronger and I am able to do exercises more consistently. Not to mention the stronger sex drive!”

- Joe L.

"My desires are back and my erections are more intense than they have been in years!”

- Anonymous

"I am, sexually speaking, back to where I was in my 50s!"

- Dan B.

"I went from zero to total body awareness. My energy continues to get better, and my sex life is improving with each encounter.”

- William T.

"I have an increase in energy, more stamina, and a higher libido.”

- Paul L.

"In the first weeks that I took Alpha ZTA, I found that I have more energy and better stamina. My libido? I am 78 years old, and yes, it has increased.”

- Gary M.

"I have heightened feelings with regard to my libido. "

- Hafiz S.

"My erections got better within the first month.”

- Jon F.

“My wife does not know I started taking Alpha ZTA. The second she experienced my re-energized libido and said, ‘boy, is that hard.”

– Randy L.

“I have more stamina, more sexual desire and stronger erections.”

– Jefferson H.

“My energy, libido and sexual health all began to improve within about a week.”

– Marc G.