Customer Reviews

“After taking AndroCore for one week I noticed an improvement in my erections. They are now stronger and thicker.  I also noticed I have more energy after the first week. Even a phone call creates stirrings! My worn out knees are significantly improved. . I didn't think about it but I have noticed significant hair growth.  AndroCore has surprised me- at 79 1/2, I have more significant movement and less joint pain. Thanks!” 

-James M., Haverford, CT*

“I first noticed an improvement in my erections about two weeks after starting AndroCore. I've experienced an increase in length and the number of erections. I noticed a boost in energy after taking it 15 to 20 days. I've been taking AndroCore for one month and at 69 I feel much more sexual energy and vitality. I've noticed new hair growth, an increase in muscle tone and energy.”

-Marvin G., Newport, RI*

”It took about two weeks of taking AndroCore before I noticed an increase in energy and stamina. I’ve also experienced an increased libido and improvements in my erections. General improvement is feelings of wellbeing. At 81, this was the most expensive product that I have ever purchased, but there are signs that it is working.”

-Harold K., Naples, FL*

“I noticed an improvement in my erections and energy levels after taking AndroCore for 20 days. My libido and sex life has improved now that I’m getting more sleep.”

-Walter E., Dallas, TX*

*Individual results may vary.