Customer Reviews

“I am now able to go through the day teaching kindergarten with the energy I need.”

– Patricia L.

“My memory is better and my creativity is on overload!”

- Barbara C.

“I feel a sense of calm, I no longer have pain in my knees, or tingling and numbness in my hands. My energy level is great.”

- Marvie J.

“My energy level is better, I can pay attention to my reading without wanting to fall asleep. I am also falling asleep properly at the end of the day without the tossing and turning.”

- Maria R.

“I have much more energy.”

– Natalie P

“There seem to be some subtle improvements in my general well being. Lately I awaken feeling refreshed in the morning after a restful nights sleep. At 78 years of age my energy level remains at an even level throughout the day. Past memory difficulties have alleviated. The Bioactive B12 has done something and I will continue to use it to learn if these improvements are constant.”

– William K

“I have more energy and generally feel better.”

– Mark G

“I definitely have more energy. Knew that I was deficient; this proved it. Other B vitamin products just didn’t absorb as well.”

– Frank C

“The first 4 days, I took one pill. After reading some of the comments, I increased it to two pills per day. I have felt the fatigue melt away.”

– Jennifer V

“I quickly experienced more energy. I am waking earlier and am able to do more.”

– Dan G