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About BioActive B-12

BioActive B-12 is a vitamin B-12 supplement designed to help protect your brain, support your cardiovascular system, and promote energy production.

Vitamin B-12 is crucial for energy production, a healthy nervous system, and brain health. Up to 40 percent of U.S. adults have low B-12 levels, which can lead to fatigue, low mood, and poor concentration and memory.

BioActive B-12 utilizes the methylcobalamin form of B-12, which is the form  most active in the body. Many supplements on the market use a cheaper form of B-12 called cyanocobalamin. This form is inactive in the body, and your body must convert it to the active form, methylcobalamin, before it can be used.

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What are the quality standards Gold Leaf Nutritionals uses for their formulas, including BioActive B-12?

At Gold Leaf Nutritionals, we make quality our highest priority.

We partner only with select supplement manufacturers who pass the most strict quality assurance standards to produce our high-quality products. Each manufacturer that we work with has been certified by either NSF or the Natural Products Association to ensure that they meet or exceed the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) for dietary supplements.

We subject each product to a five-point inspection.

First, all of the dietary ingredients in our products are tested for identification. That way, you know that what we put on the label is actually in the product.

Next, our manufacturers have strict standards in place during the production process to make sure that the products have the right ingredients at the right amounts.

After production, all products are tested to ensure they meet all specifications for purity, potency, strength, and composition

We don’t just rely on our manufacturer’s word, though. Our quality assurance manager has personally visited each manufacturer to make sure that they meet GMP requirements, and yearly audits are performed to ensure they continue to adhere to GMPs.

And finally, before any batch of product is released for distribution, we examine the product and review the product testing and certificates of analysis to ensure that it all meets our specifications. We also routinely send out our products for independent testing to ensure that the certificates of analysis from our manufacturers are accurate.

We source the best ingredients from around the world and make all of our supplements right here in the USA. We make sure all of our ingredients are non-GMO and backed by solid scientific research. In fact, every claim and all of the research for our products have been reviewed by a strict marketing compliance team, to make sure we have the science to support our claims.

Is there any soy or gluten in BioActive B-12?

Each batch of BioActive B-12 is tested to make sure it gluten-free according to FDA regulations. BioActive B-12 does not contain any soy ingredients, though it is processed in a facility that may process soy.

Is BioActive B-12 GMO-free?

BioActive B-12 is made with non-GMO ingredients.

Is BioActive B-12 made in the USA?

We source the best ingredients from around the world and make all of our supplements right here in the USA, in a GMP-certified facility.

How should I use this product? How many tablets a day?

All you need to do is take 1 tablet per day. You can take it with meals on an empty stomach. Just simply place the tablet under your tongue, allow it to dissolve and then swallow.

If I have questions or am unsure about anything about BioActive B-12, can I speak to someone on the phone?

Absolutely. Immediately after joining, we will give you a special customer service number that you can call with any questions you might have. You’ll also get a special email address for the same purpose. But please note, we can’t answer give any personalized medical advice.

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, your supply of BioActive B-12 is 100% protected by our no questions asked anytime guarantee. You have an unlimited amount of time to try it out. If at any time you’re not thrilled with your results, we’ll refund you every penny of the product price.

Is your ordering process safe and secure?

It is fast, safe and 100% secure. We are using the latest complex encryption technology available to protect your data though the entire ordering process. It’s the same type of encryption technology used by giant online retailers such as Amazon.com and also utilized with most banks’ online banking technology.

“I am now able to go through the day teaching kindergarten with the energy I need.”

– Patricia L.

“My memory is better and my creativity is on overload!”

- Barbara C.

“I feel a sense of calm, I no longer have pain in my knees, or tingling and numbness in my hands. My energy level is great.”

- Marvie J.

“My energy level is better, I can pay attention to my reading without wanting to fall asleep. I am also falling asleep properly at the end of the day without the tossing and turning.”

- Maria R.

“I have much more energy.”

– Natalie P

“There seem to be some subtle improvements in my general well being. Lately I awaken feeling refreshed in the morning after a restful nights sleep. At 78 years of age my energy level remains at an even level throughout the day. Past memory difficulties have alleviated. The Bioactive B12 has done something and I will continue to use it to learn if these improvements are constant.”

– William K

“I have more energy and generally feel better.”

– Mark G

“I definitely have more energy. Knew that I was deficient; this proved it. Other B vitamin products just didn’t absorb as well.”

– Frank C

“The first 4 days, I took one pill. After reading some of the comments, I increased it to two pills per day. I have felt the fatigue melt away.”

– Jennifer V

“I quickly experienced more energy. I am waking earlier and am able to do more.”

– Dan G