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In every capsule of BP Gold you get:

The “magic milk” VI peptides, with over 30 clinical studies confirming their power to help keep your blood pressure healthy.

MicroActive resveratrol, for a nitric oxide boost, improved flexibility of your arteries and better blood flow...

Plus, the antioxidant powerhouse Pomegranate, for protection of the cells in your blood vessels, and healthy cholesterol...

And the must-have Magnesium to help reverse your deficiency and provide extra blood pressure support.

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“I’ve been taking BP Gold for five week and my BP is now much better! BP Gold has improved my life-I have more energy and less anxiousness.”

-Benny K., Dallas, TX*

“I have near perfect blood pressure since I startedtaking BP Gold a year ago. My life has improved since I started taking it as I have much more energy. BP Gold is an excellent product.”

-Donald V., Juno, AK*

"After starting BP Gold three months ago I am experiencing deeper sleep, better blood pressure and am calmer. I’m sleeping through eight hours with no wake ups! As a result of longer and sounder sleep, I get more accomplished.”

-Lance L., Branchburg, NJ*

“The improvement in my blood pressure has been significant since I started taking BP Gold five months ago. I feel I have more energy and experience more calmness.”

-Donald G., Sedona, AZ*

“BP improved since I started taking BP Gold three weeks ago. I haven’t checked cholesterol yet while on BP gold, but BP is significantly better!”

-Sandy G., Frederick, MD*

“I have been using BP Gold about one month and my blood pressure has improved!I feel better due to my checkups have improved--Starting with my blood pressure!I have tried other supplements but this one has won my confidence that it works and that I can keep using it.”

-Donovan C.,Seattle, WA*

*Individual results may vary.