Customer Reviews

“Circu-Defense works well! It’s comforting to know that there is a natural product out there that does what I needed it to do. I haven’t experienced any side effects.”

-Roger P., Topeka, KS*

“Circu-Defense seems to work! I haven't verified blood pressure, but I believe circulation is better as I feel great after minor activities, especially after sitting most of day at my desk.”

-Andrew W., Augusta, GA*

“Circu-Defense is definitely a good product! I feel my circulation has improved. I take my blood pressure daily & I know that is better. I noticed a boost in energy after taking it about 4-5 days. I now have more energy. My stamina is better. {ex. yardwork, even trimming} When you feel better, you are a happier person! At 81 years old, I even look forward to taking my BP measurements daily.”

-Walter K., Orlando, FL*

“Circu-Defense works! I noticed a boost in energy after taking it for a week or two. My wife is overjoyed! I feel better than before I got on these capsules. I’m 81 and living harder that I have before taken these Circu-Defense capsules.”

-Ronald D., Monterey, CA*

“Circu-Defense seems to work. My blood pressure has improved a little. I haven't even thought about my blood pressure.”

-Don M., Jupiter, FL*