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Citrulean is our specifically designed fat-dissolving formula that helps unlock your trapped fat without painful dieting or exercise.

The power behind Citrulean comes from 2 special ingredients…

The first ingredient helps shut down your PDE4 enzyme, so your trapped fat can dissolve…

And the second cranks up your metabolism…

Helping effortlessly burn 4X MORE FAT without diet or exercise.

With the special power behind these ingredients, Citrulean can help melt the pure fat off your body to reveal a slimmer, leaner you. 

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CitruLean burns fat! At 60+ years old, it's hard to lose weight. I've been a lifetime dieter.  CitruLean works from the beginning and you do need to take each day.  You can see and feel a difference.  I do feel like doing more work and exercise. Weight loss decreases steadily without hardly any effort.  I've lost 12 pounds so far!  I've recommended it to friends and family. 

-Nell C., Somerset, NJ* 

I've lost 25 lbs since changing my eating habits to low carb just before I started taking CitruLean*.  Results are good!

-Jill G., Coral Springs, FL**

* Results not typical. CitruLean is designed to support a healthy weight. 
** Individual results may vary.