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CogniGold is specifically designed to work for men and women over the age of 50 who want…

A stronger memory and sharper focus… starting the first time you take it.

The power behind CogniGold comes from 2 special ingredients…

It’s made with the correct dose of the flavonoid combination scientifically-shown to help reverse your brain’s age…

And contains the supercharging ingredient, E-X-A.

E-X-A supercharges your morning coffee.  Resulting in MORE energy… LONGER-lasting energy… MORE focus… and no crash.

With the special power of mind-enhancing flavonoids and E-X-A, CogniGold will give your brain cells everything they need to help grow new neurons, boost your energy for hours, and potentially reverse aging in your brain

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”I've experienced more memory and focus, plus more energy since I've been taking CogniGold the past six months! “

-Frances S., Dallas, TX*

”My memory, focus and energy are all solid since I started taking CogniGold six months ago. Thanks!“

-Samuel L., Glen Mills, PA*

”I've been taking CogniGold for about six weeks and my memory, focus and energy have all improved! I do hope that by my continued use all of these improvements will increase.“

-Larry H., Columbus, OH*

”I am not sure I sense any detectable improvements after only taking for CogniGold for two weeks, but I am quite busy with many new things. I even got so focused on a new project I was reading yesterday, I missed my stop on the Metro train and did not even look up until three stops passed my stop. :-) I'm going to keep taking it!!“

-Terrance P., Somerset, NJ*

”Since taking CogniGold for three months, I have more stamina for prolonged work sessions requiring focus and concentration.“

-Lester H., New York City, NY*

*Individual results may vary.