Customer Reviews

“I love Digestive Relief Plus! I am eating most everything without getting heartburn and lots of gas. I experienced a difference in my post-meal immediately after taking Digestive Relief Plus. I'm able to enjoy my favorite foods again! I'm experiencing less gas, burping and bloating and less frequent acid reflux flare-ups and indigestion. I no longer experience occasional constipation.”

-Glenda H., Jacksonville, FL*

“Digestive Relief Plus works good! I've been able to eat my favorite foods again. I'm experiencing less acid reflux flare-ups and indigestion. I have a better quality of life.”

-Lauren P., Richmond, VA*

“Digestive Relief Plus really works! It stopped my acid reflux flare-ups as soon as I started taking it. I could feel a difference 1 1/2 hrs after taking it the first time. It worked to "Clear the pipes." I don't feel like everything I eat lands in my chest. I feel less bloated. I have no more acid reflux at night. I can eat foods that have been off limits in the past. I’m able to enjoy my favorite foods again. I’m experiencing less bloating, gas and burping and less indigestion. My whole digestive system seems move efficient and regular, if you know what I mean.”

-Andrew M., Augusta, GA*

“I had acid reflux flale-ups and started taking Digestive Relief Plus and boy did it ever work. Now I have no problems! I noticed a difference in my post-meal experiences after taking it 48 hrs which was amazing! Digestive Relief Plus is better than anything I have tried! I've been able to enjoy my favorite foods again- I have no more problems! I sleep better now and have no more issues. I can eat whatever I want and do not suffer any digestive discomfort at all. Great product!”

-Billy Z., Summit, NJ*

*Individual results may vary.