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The active pain-relieving ingredient in Easy Joint comes from an evergreen tree found in China.

It’s called camphor.

Legend has it, the tree must grow for 50 years before the camphor can be extracted.

For thousands of years, camphor has been used in healing rituals by many ancient cultures. They understood its power.

However, at this point hardly anyone in the western world has gotten a chance to use it.

But the tides are turning.

Harvard Medical School research revealed camphor works on something in your body called the “transient receptor potential” channel or the TRP channel.

Your nerves use this TRP channel to send PAIN signals back and forth from your brain.

But camphor naturally desensitizes your TRP nerve channel.

When your TRP channel is desensitized, then it stops sending signals.

In other words, it shuts off the pain signals.

It’s like snipping a wire. The pain signals from your arthritic joints don’t get to your brain…

So YOU feel wonderful, joyful relief. FINALLY.

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"The stiffness and discomfort are improving on a daily basis. I really believe continuing to use Easy Joint will help the joint stiffness and discomfort in my hands disappear completely!"

- Margaret D.

"This stuff works really well – better than other topical pain relievers I’ve tried that run out of steam in about 6 hours. Easy Joint gives me relief for 24 hours or more."*

*Results may vary

- Dave D.

"Easy Joint stops my pain quickly. I use at night so I can sleep without discomfort in my neck keeping me up. Thank you for this great product!"

- Sally D.

"I’m so glad I found Easy Joint! It works beyond what I could have ever imagined for my knee pain."

- James H.

"I’m really happy with how well Easy Joint works! It’s the only thing I have found that actually takes the pain away in my elbows and shoulders for several hours. "

- Jane L.

"I experience significant pain relief in my legs and feet within minutes after applying Easy Joint! I can’t wait to receive a new bottle each month. No other topical has provided this degree of pain relief!"

- Wallace H.