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EstroBest is the first and only formula created for women over 45 that uses the clinically studied doses of both these breakthrough ingredients:

The fast-acting herbal trio that helps balance your estrogen levels and “turn on” your estrogen receptors to…

  • Cool hot flashes,
  • Relieve headaches and joint discomfort,
  • Erase dizziness and fatigue,
  • Increase lubrication,
  • And more!

Plus, the cortisol-lowering ashwagandha, to help…

  • Lower your stress levels,
  • Boost your memory,
  • Rev up your thyroid,
  • Power up your libido,
  • And help you effortlessly lose extra weight.

With EstroBest, you get a complete formula that addresses all of the issues you’re facing at this time in your life.

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”I’ve been taking EstroBest for approximately 90 days and it has eased sleeping issues. I can sleep through the night without waking in wee hours to get up to use bathroom. Restful sleep at best! Hot flashes have subsided and no mood swings.“

-Katie S. Syracuse, NY*

”I’m experiencing less vaginal dryness, fewer hot flashes and more desire after taking EstroBest for 4 days. I wish I would have known about this 5 years ago!“

-Stacey L. Huntington Beach, CA*

”I’ve been taking EstroBest for the last 3 months and the night sweats are greatly decreased--much better now! I am expecting my second Shipment soon. I’ll continue using it till my hormones are totally leveled.“

-Marianne B., Springfield, PA*

”Decreased hot flashes and improved in vaginal lubrication. Great product! I will buy more.“

-Michelle F., Las Vegas, NV*

”I’ve experienced a reduction in hot flashes and night sweats, and an improvement in sleep patterns. I’ve been taking EstroBest for approximately 3-4 months and my sleeping conditions have really improved noticeably!“

-Kathryn M., Tarpon Springs, FL*

”EstroBest works on stopping the hot flashes!“

-Susan R., Potomac, MD*

”I just notice I feel more serene after taking EstroBest for two months.“

-Andrea P. Athens, GA*

”I’ve been taking EstroBest for about 6 months and I’ve noticed an improvement in my sleeping and hot flashes. It has helped with overall health, for 50+.“

-Beverly Z., Tempe, AZ*

”I’m experiencing less hot flashes and a slightly better mood since starting EstroBest two weeks ago!“

-Patricia B. Summit, NJ*

”After starting EstroBest a week ago, I’m experiencing less intense hot flashes!“

-Kristin J., Stone Harbor, NJ*

”Two weeks ago I started taking EstroBest and my hot flashes have diminished!!!!! I still get them, but not even every day. I am taking a couple of other things, but I am sure EstroBest is key.“

-Kelly E. Wilmington, DE*

*Individual results may vary.