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Your digestive problems cannot be truly solved by fiber, probiotics, or any other “fast-acting solution” you’ve used in the past.

They only temporarily cover up the real problem…

The shocking truth is:

The real problem… isn’t in your gut at all!

That’s right. This entire time, you’ve been throwing everything you’ve got at the wrong part of your body.

It’s not your fault, though. Because the real culprit couldn’t be more surprising.

So what is it?

Your brain.

Specifically, a certain signal your brain is sending to your stomach.

This brain signal is likely causing your bloating, gas, fatigue, heartburn, and constipation

But once you shut this signal OFF, you can enjoy perfect digestion literally overnight.

Researchers at a University's Division of Gastroenterology figured out exactly how. They recruited volunteers for a double-blind, placebo-controlled study…

Half the volunteers got a mere placebo that contained a tiny amount of fiber, and the other half got an unusual gut-health solution, mixed with an even smaller amount of fiber.

Everyone was suffering from pain, gas, bloating, occasional diarrhea or constipation, and fatigue.

The scientists wanted to see if this unusual solution could start working in just 24 hours.

After all, when you’ve suffered this long with your digestive issues… you want relief FAST…

…and that’s exactly what it delivered.

Everyone who took this special treatment, felt their gas, bloating, pain, diarrhea and constipation begin to disappear in just a single day…

…without any other kind of treatment. Without restricting their food.

Their results got even better as time went on. After only 4 weeks, their GI issues disappeared more and more.

This isn’t the only study, either.

Scientists from the Department of Internal Medicine conducted their own clinical trial, with volunteers up to 70 years old.

Almost all the volunteers who got this treatment felt less bloating, gas, occasional diarrhea, pain and…

…over half of them ended up PAIN-FREE.

Within just 30 days.

Here’s the most surprising part:

This solution isn’t harsh or expensive. Plus, it’s downright easy to use.

All the volunteers had to do was take a daily dose of something called Mentha X.

And we’ve included the study-backed dose of Mentha X in G.I. Gold.

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"After two months taking GI Gold, I’m experiencing less bloating, gas, occasional diarrhea and odors!"

-Sheila P. Oklahoma City, OK*

"I’m experiencing consistent bowel movements after taking GI Gold for one month."

-Henry H., Toledo, OH*

"I now have less gas, more normal stools once a day, instead of 2 or 3 a day since I started taking GI Gold one month ago."

-Wendell A., Chicago, IL*

"I have been taking G.I Gold for two and a half months. I feel better after eating."

-Marvin R., Thurmont, MD*

*Results may vary.