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Metaphenol 27 uses S.P.A.R. technology for reversing aging.

S.P.A.R., Spontaneous Age Reversal, consists of 3 phases and when you properly go through all 3…

You could have more comfortable joints, a better memory, you could lose weight… even erase your wrinkles.

Here’s the complete breakdown of what you’ll receive in this groundbreaking 3-phase S.P.A.R. solution:

…2,600 mg of the United States Patented S.P.A.R. Phase 1 Compound – NT Factor glycophospholipid to supply your mitochondria with strengthening phospholipids…

…900 mg of S.P.A.R. Phase 2 Compound – the FIIT-Metabolic – to protect your mitochondria against free radicals that cause your aches and pains and make you older…


…100 mg of our S.P.A.R Phase 3 Compound – pycnogenol – which is patented and will trigger your body to make more mitochondria…

To help you keep a strong memory, sharp focus, smooth skin, sharp vision, and a healthy heart.

With Metaphenol 27’s unrivaled 3-phase S.P.A.R. formula, you’ll enjoy a young, strong mind and body for decades to come!

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“My 61 year old wife, 96 year old mother-in-law and I have been taking Metaphenol 27 for one month and we are seeing major changes in our lives! We noticed a boost in energy in a couple of days. Our joints feel really good when we wake up in the morning now. We're experiencing less brain fog, have a stronger memory and better focus. My mother in law sees a difference. Her mind is getting better! Not quite there yet- she and my wife can only get two pills a day down but we do all see a big difference- We're experiencing a boost in every way possible!”

-Jack M. Little Rock, AR.

Metaphenol27 for about one month. I now find I have better recall and fact finding. I have more energy and the 4pm lull has disappeared! at 71, I'm now doing more and sleeping better. It's a great product!”

-Rose C., Portland, ME.

“Metaphenol 27 is an exceptional product! I noticed a boost in energy after taking Metaphenol for 6 days. My joints feel exceptional when I wake up in the morning! I have better focus and my recovery after work outs is much improved- a big help at 65 years old. I will continue to buy it.”

-Richard M., Meridian, ID

“I noticed a boost in energy after taking Metaphenol 27 for six days. When I wake up in the morning, my joints feel ready for the day- outstanding! It has provided me a clarity, depth and focus to ensure process goals. My energy levels have increased and I’m now starting and completing interior household projects. I’m almost 71 and am actually planning exterior lawn work. Thank you for the opportunity!”

-Carl J. Kansas City, KS

“I felt a boost in energy after the first week of taking Metaphenol 27. I've been taking it for three months and now feel more calm and focused. I feel smarter! At 53 years old, I was running an 8.5 mile. Now I run a mile around 7.5 minutes. I feel younger inside and out! “

-Quinton R., Breckenridge, CO

“Since taking Metaphenol 27, I feel younger, stronger, more flexible when I wake up in the morning and I heal quicker after long walks and gym time. I can recall more of what I did yesterday. At 66, I feel taller, thinner and younger! I give it infinite Love and Gratitude to help release this memory. I suppose this is a stepping stone to healing on a deeper level. Good stuff this Metaphenol 27(my inner age?) Thank you, Doc Gee. Happy life to you and your dear ones.”

-Marge G., Naples, FL.

“I noticed a boost in energy after my second day of taking Metaphenol 27. My joints feel good when I wake up in the morning. They seem to be doing a lot better when working out also! My brain seems to be functioning better. I pop wide awake in the mornings and am ready to go! Also not drowsy at all during the day. I've been trying to lose some weight and although I haven't seen much change in scale weight, my lean muscle has gained while I have lost 3 lbs of fat. Also hydration has improved just over 1%. With the way I feel when working out plus my overall energy level I think my weight loss will be at a rate that retains muscle mass plus is sustainable.”

- Roger K., Phoenix, AZ.

“I noticed a boost in energy on the third day of taking Metaphenol 27. After just two weeks of taking it, my joints feel good when I wake up in the morning. I have less brain fog. My skin looks so much better. At 65, I feel great!”

-George B., Destin, FL.

‘’I’m still on my first bottle of Metaphenol 27 and my joints feel lots better when I wake up in the morning. My knee feels smoother on my days that I’m off from work. I can focus better at work, but still have a little trouble with recall sometime. At 79, I’m able to move around easier. This seems to be a very good product!”

- Dolores C. Summit, NJ.

“I started taking Metaphenol 27 in September 2018 and first noticed a boost in energy after the first week. My joints feel strong and very good when I wake up in the morning. I’ve experience less brain fog, stronger memory and better focus. At 71, I have increased stamina and can do things quicker and get them done faster. I think it is the most effective supplement that I take daily. I wish more people would learn about it.”

-Caroline R., St. Augustine, FL.