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In each dose of Mind Defense, you’re getting everything you need to help guard yoru brain against the effects of aging…and help you keep the sharpest, strongest brain of your life.


  • Potent Bacopa Monnieri extract – to give you a measurable boost in brainpower starting in one short hour after your first dose...
  • Revolutionary Cera-Q peptide – to promote brain cell health and support your memory
  • Methylcobalamin – the only form of vitamin B-12 shown to cross the blood brain barrier

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“Mind Defense works for me – it’s been great in improving my memory, focus, and cognitive function!”

- Irene G.

“After trying several other products, Mind Defense is my only success story. It has helped me recall names, improve my fluency of thought, have less muddled thinking and clearer focus! I recommend it to anyone!”

– Thea H.

“I was always a good speller, but for the past five years I was having trouble spelling. I love to sing, but I couldn’t remember the lyrics of any songs. I was even having trouble finishing my own sentences because I just couldn’t remember the right words. After taking Mind Defense, I can spell well again, all the lyrics are coming back to me, and I can recall the right words!”

*Results may vary. Mind Defense is formulated to help promote a sharper memory and cognition.

– Marilyn E.

“It has definitely improved my memory, especially short term memory, and I don’t have to search for words like I had to before. Mind Defense makes me feel younger and more confident.”

– Kathy P.

“My memory really improved. Mind Defense really works!”

– Mel W.

“I am able to focus on whatever I'm doing without trying. My short and long-term memory has improved to the point of actually surprising myself during conversations with others. Mind Defense is everything and more than I expected. Thank you for making it!”

*Results may vary. Mind Defense is formulated to help promote a sharper memory and cognition.

– Randall K.