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Imagine the confidence of getting an erection faster than ever… being longer and thicker… and enjoying sex like you were 20-years-old again.

How wonderful would that be? To enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your prostate is healthy, so you can dedicate your time to completely and utterly revving up your sex life.

For patients of Dr. Gerhauser, it’s real. And it can be for you too, with the brand-new upgraded Pro Advantage formula.

This specialized, unique formula can help maintain prostate health... so you can enjoy hot, electric-charged sex.

And the long sought-after flower pollen in this formula is so effective, it works hard and fast to provide your prostate with everything it needs to maintain peak health.

You also get 100mg of Kra-Chai-Dom black ginger extract to achieve longer, thicker, faster erections after 30 days of use…

It’s the exact kind and amount shown by gold standard medical science to give you erections in 5 minutes… and make you longer and half an inch thicker in as little as 30 days.

Your body will have what it needs to enjoy a breathtaking sex life for decades to come.

The ability to  help strengthen an erection in 5 minutes and become a full half-inch thicker is waiting for you today.

When you use this formula, you will become virtually unstoppable.

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After taking Pro Advantage for ten days*, I started waking up in the morning with an erection! So far I have not noticed length, strength, or thickness. I am waiting in great anticipation. I just turned seventy a week ago. I am serious about giving it plenty of time and faithfully taking them every morning.

*Results may vary. Pro Advantage is designed to support healthy sexual function.

Jack M.

I’ve experienced an improvement in my erection’s length, strength and thickness after taking Pro Advantage for two weeks*. I now have more confidence to maintain.

*Results may vary. Pro Advantage is designed to support healthy sexual function.

Mike E.

I first noticed an improvement in my erections after taking Pro Advantage for a week*. My erections are firmer and harder. I’m able to achieve an immediate rock hard erection!

*Results may vary. Pro Advantage is designed to support healthy sexual function.

Ronald A.