Customer Reviews

"Better flow and I can empty my bladder with ease.”

- Chuck K.

“I don’t have such urgency to go to the bathroom. I actually get more rest at night due to not waking up so often."

- William C.

“I have a decreased urgency to urinate and fewer times getting up to urinate at night.”

- Randy P.

“I don’t wake up as much at night and I have less daytime urgency.”

- Doug K.

“Better flow, I get more sleep at night and my bladder feels emptier.”

- Scott V.

“I went from urinating 4-5 times throughout the night to just 2-3!”

- Vern H.

“My bathroom breaks have become less frequent and I have better flow.”

- Richard B.

“Less trips to the bathroom during the day and at night. I also have less drips after urinating.”

- Leonard C.

“I don’t wake up during the night to urinate.”

– Oscar L.

“I have noticed an improvement in urine flow, I’m not getting up at night to pee anymore and, wow, the improved sex drive!”

– Brad H.