About RenewGen™
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About RenewGen™

This powerful formula can literally re-grow your joints from the inside out, helping to:

  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Make your joints feel strong, smooth, and brand-new
  • Give you the discomfort-free body and confidence to play 9 rounds of golf… work in your garden for hours on end… or even chase your grandchildren around the house!


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Does it have a taste?

Renewgen has virtually no taste and mixes well with any beverage.

Does it come with a scoop?

Yes, each bottle contains one 10-gram scoop.

Can I mix it with hot beverages or cook with it?

Yes. RenewGen collagen peptides retain their beneficial effects even when heated.

“My joints and muscles feel 100% better! No pain!”

– Patrecia C.

“I’ve experienced a very big change in my knees, no pain or stiffness. I can walk without discomfort.”

– Frank D.

“My joints feel much better, my skin looks healthier and my hair, beard and fingernails are growing more quickly.”

– Dean P.