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Roman Dream Cherry boosts melatonin to give you 84 EXTRA minutes of blissful sleep a night…

GABA sends you into deep sleep in HALF the time…

And Extramel eliminates stress, annoying sleep interrupters… and improves your quality of life by 64%

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”I’ve experienced a 90% improvement in my ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed since I’ve started taking Restful PM! I have a much deeper sleep, more dreams and no hangover feeling in the AM. It’s a really great product & I am HARD to satisfy when it comes to sleeping aids!!! I have tried many remedies. This is the best product I have ever tried. It’s the only product I have ever taken that works! It works most nights and you get GREAT REM sleep!“

-Gertie C. Pittsburgh, PA*

”Since taking Restful PM, I stay asleep longer, sleep more restfully and longer and wake up refreshed! I bought a 6-month supply and intend to reorder.“

-Zack S., Chantilly, VA*

”I fall asleep about right, I don't wake up at 2 am as I used to and seem to get a good night's sleep! I’ve tried many other solutions. Restful PM is the only one that worked well!“

-Bonnie B., Wichita, KS*

”I'm less tired in the late evening than I had been since I’ve started taking Restful PM. Also, I don't wake up as often during the night. So far, so good. I'm happy with the results!“

-Jack S., Casper, WY*

”I’ve been taking Restful PM about a month now. It helps me stay asleep at night!“

-Julia Z., Rapid City, SD*

”Since I started taking Restful PM five weeks ago, I’ve seen a definite improvement in my ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed!“

-Thomas P., Hilton Head, SC*

*Individual results may vary.