Customer Reviews

“Energy level is high, my skin is smoother and my digestive issues have reduced.”

- Dr. Emily D

“My skin is looking better and my doctor says my blood is 'perfect!' ”

- Valerie C

"Spectrum Elite gives me the necessary foods that I need and keeps me going.”

- Gail P

“I have tried many supplements claiming to help restore energy and Spectrum Elite really does. I have hope again.”

- Victoria C

“I have digestion issues, but Spectrum Elite has helped me. And it tastes marvelous!”

- Dorothy P

“My skin is clearer and firmer, I have no more digestive issues and plenty of energy.”

- Donna L

"My digestion and energy levels have improved. My doctor told me to keep up whatever I’m doing!”

- Kevin C

“I put it in my smoothie each morning and I really like the taste. My energy level has remained consistently high.”

- Dorothy S

“After two days I noticed a difference in my energy. I wasn't as tired. I am awaiting a third surgery on my feet so I need the upbeat attitude which I think I am getting from Spectrum Elite.”

- Joan K

“It tastes much better than any other super food that I have tried.”

- Anonymous

“I've lost ten pounds I wasn't expecting to lose (but that's good). My weight continues to edge lower toward where it is supposed to be. My energy levels are slightly better, and I have fewer bouts of indigestion. I also like the taste!*”

*Results Not Typical.

- Theresa H

“I’ve noticed more energy and the taste is great!”

- Anne A.

“The first thing I noticed was more alertness in the afternoon, and things have been going well since then. It tastes great…easy to enjoy.”

- Janice B

“It has been keeping me regular when I have never been regular my whole life.”

- Deborah M.