Customer Reviews

After the water cleared I noted a slight effervescence - almost a tingling feeling on the palate.

I don't know why but I've found my energy levels are higher. I don't need that nap after work like I normally took.


Since I inserted the Turapur, it's the first time I've drank "tap water" in years. No more odor from the tap. I'm saving money from no longer buying bottled waters and drinking clean water from the tap! Plus if I move, it comes with me.

Piper, 7/26/15

I noticed the water was fresher tasting and have drunk more water then before. Alot better than the bottle water or even the purified water I have attached to my sink. I've noticed an increase in my energy levels after a few days.

Wayne, 7/26/15

I don't drink coffee anymore, except on occasion, and I used to drink it all the time.I have a cup of green tea for breakfast, and the rest of the day I am happy with water!

Ina, 7/27/15

I love the water, it's taste, and the energy it gives you is unbelievable

Wes, 8/9/15

The water seemed clearer. It is early as yet but I think I feel a little stronger and more energetic. I have had trouble drinking plain water before. I just didn't like the taste. This water taste fine to me and I have no problem drinking it.

Greg, 8/11/15

I have had several purifiers. Many were large and unwieldy and required flushing. I like this because it is a one step

My Turapur was easy to install and is very convenient. Since I am comparatively healthy at 88 I still think it will improve my health. The water taste is great and there is no loss of water.

Dorothy, 8/10/15