Customer Reviews

“I’ve experienced improved concentration with Thyrocol for sure! I love to craft and recently took on a challenging taste in it. I didn’t think I could finish it due to working with tiny elements before ever taking the Thyrocol. I finished the project and felt extremely excited to have accomplished it, start to finish. I am just starting to feel inches off my waist. And yes, reduction in cravings too! My mood is way better. I am ashamed to say...I stopped snapping at my husband. Lol. I’ve also noticed more clear thinking since I started taking Thyrocol. At times, I did feel energetic when taking it and when I’m energetic I feel great, with clearer thinking. Patience all around. I use to come home from work and just watch TV in bed. Now, at almost 60, I help my husband around the home and want to be outside more.”

-Loraine T., Oklahoma City, OK*

“I noticed a boost in energy two hours after first taking Thyrocol! Since I started taking it two weeks ago, I’ve experienced less brain fog, a stronger memory and improved concentration. I feel much clearer. I’m sleeping better at night and taking fewer naps. I have a feeling of well-being.”

-Allison M., Pittsburgh, PA*

*Results not typical. RestorVision is designed to promote healthy eye function.

Individual results may vary.