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You see, there’s one most important factor for getting and maintaining a hard erection.

It’s all thanks to a molecule in your body called nitric oxide.

You see, nitric oxide increases blood flow… and it helps muscles relax.

So when your body’s nitric oxide levels are high…

…the muscles around your penis relax and it becomes fully filled with blood...

Giving you rigid erections.

Having enough nitric oxide is the key to rock hard erections.

Easy, right? But here’s the problem….

As you get older, nitric oxide production in your body goes down. Way down

In fact, by the time you’re 70, you’ve lost 75% of the nitric oxide you had when you were 20!

However, there is very good news…

Brand new science shows that you can now restore your nitric oxide levels back to much younger levels.

And that’s where citrulline comes in.

It’s the first breakthrough of its kind that can restore your nitric oxide levels

When scientists tested the citrulline in older men, they found it boosted nitric oxide in the body by a huge 27%.

That’s like going back more than 27 years!

How much better was your sex life 27 years ago?

Wouldn’t you want to go back, if you had the chance?

That’s exactly what restoring your nitric oxide levels can do.

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