Customer Reviews

“I have the libido** of a thirty-year old since I started taking ViraSurge! It’s really improved my life-I have more confidence and swagger. My thickness** has increased and I’m feeling stronger. My sex life and libido have improved immensely since I started taking it. I always want attention. It has made a big difference. Excellent improvement in general with my life.”

-Alan C. Frostburg, MD* Age 60

“ViraSurge is the best yet! I’ve experienced an increase in my erection’s length**, strength** and thickness**. I now have improved confidence and more cocky! My day-to-day life has improved since taking ViraSurge as I now have less stress** knowing I can perform when she wants it. I now have better overall well-being.”

-Shawn M., Santa Barbara, CA* Age 72

“Great product! I feel energized with Vira Surge!"

-Dr. Dan C., Charlotte, NC*

“ViraSurge is a very effective product! I’ve experienced an improvement in my erection’s hardness, girth** and response. I have a greater libido** and more stamina** since I started taking it. My lifestyle has improved with a great increase in interest in sex-2 times more sex**. I also have more energy** and I think I have more hair growth**. It's very cost effective!”

-Darren P., Cheyenne, WY* Age 65

"ViraSurge increased my sexual stamina** I think I'm another inch thicker**. My erections are longer lasting and harder than a few months ago. I desire sex more often now. My wife has commented about my added interest in sex. It seems that I don't have as much joint discomfort** and am more active throughout the day."

-Roger C., Hampstead, MD* Age 68

*Individual results may vary.

**Results not typical. ViraSurge is designed to support a healthy sex life.