Customer Reviews

“Since taking VitaOlive my doctor told me, ‘Whatever you’re doing is good, keep doing it!’”

– Ricardo J.

“I feel better, have a clear head and more energy.”

– Teresa E.

My blood pressure seems to be more stable. VitaOlive gives me confidence I am on the right path for better heart health.

Juanita Jones

About a week after I started taking it, I noticed an increase in my positive attitude and I seem to have a little bit more energy.

-Steve Sillick

I knew VitaOlive was working for me when my blood pressure measured 130/79 at my last doctor's visit.

-Robert Hillock

Within days of trying Vitaolive my blood pressure stabilized in the 120's after several years. I've never endorsed any product, but I've recommended my physician review and try Vitaolive with his patients.

-Robert Waldron

About three or four days after using it I started noticing effects. My appetite is curbed and my weight is going down.

-Felix Bernard

Nothing else has helped my blood pressure the way VitaOlive has.

- Cynthya Samuel

Within the first week, my blood pressure improved 12 to 15 points and has remained at those levels ever since.

-Robert Walker

Not only has VitaOlive given me more energy, I believe it has helped my skin look younger! I noticed feeling better within ten days of taking it. I love it!

- Mary Begano

After taking VitaOlive, my blood pressure is healthy and my sleep is much better.

- Laura